The Fair Funerals pledge 2021 is a free and voluntary commitment made by UK funeral directors.

The pledge is an opportunity for funeral directors to demonstrate that they are fair and are dedicated to meeting the increasing demand for price transparency within the funeral industry.

By signing the pledge, funeral directors become part of a community of directors who agree to put transparency and honesty at the centre of their work, and who aspire to be the change we all want to see within the funeral industry.

All signatories of the Fair Funerals pledge 2021 are provided with the official electronic Fair Funerals pledge 2021 logo for use on their websites and paperwork, as well as a printed certificate to display in their premises, free of charge.

How to sign up

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Section 1 - Contact information
Section 2 - Your signature

All funeral directors must read our Guidelines and Advice for Funeral Directors before signing the pledge, in order to ensure that they are fully informed of what is expected of our Fair Funerals pledge 2020 signatories.

Does your company agree to do the following - 

  • In initial conversations.
  • Within our price lists.
  • On our website.
  • In initial conversations.
  • Within our price lists.
  • On our website.

In order to become a Fair Funerals pledge 2020 signatory your company will need to adopt and comply with all components of the Fair Funerals pledge, as set out in our Guidelines and Advice for Funeral Directors.

Section 3 - Involvement and Data

Not being on the map may make it difficult for customers to find you.

For example, 'Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales' or 'England and Wales'.

Fair Funerals will contact you using the details you have given regarding your request to sign the Fair Funerals pledge 2020 and approved signatories may also be contacted in the future to ensure their continued compliance.

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