About us

Who are we?

The Fair Funerals campaign is run by anti-poverty charity Quaker Social Action to tackle the root causes of funeral poverty. Since 1867 Quaker Social Action (QSA) has run practical projects supporting people in poverty. We also run the Down to Earth project which directly supports people in low incomes struggling with the cost of a funeral.

Why funeral poverty?

We met families in other projects we run really struggling after someone close to them dies. We saw the emotional and financial burden they suffered not being able to afford the high unexpected cost of a funeral. Research told us ‘funeral poverty’ had increased 50% in just five years. So in 2010 we set up Down to Earth which supports people struggling with the high cost of a funeral.

But we knew this problem was affecting more people than our small charity could directly support. And we knew ‘funeral poverty’ was being ignored by government, charities and the media. So in 2014 we launched the UK’s first national campaign to tackle the root causes of funeral poverty.

What does the Fair Funerals campaign do?

The campaign tackles the underlying causes of funeral poverty. We do this in three ways:

1.         Educating people about their choices so they can avoid funeral poverty
Get help organising a funeral
Find Fair Funeral directors in your area

2.         Influencing government to do more for bereaved people on low incomes
Find out more about influencing government and what needs to change
Find out about the ‘Funeral Poverty Alliance’

3.         Working with the funeral industry to make funerals more affordable

Find out about the ‘Fair Funerals pledge’
Find a ‘Fair Funerals’ director in your area

Funeral poverty on the agenda

Since starting the campaign we have helped to make funeral poverty a high profile media story. The government are now sitting up and taking notice, and there have been several parliamentary debates and inquiries looking into how to solve the problem of funeral poverty. In October 2015 Fair Funerals was selected as Guardian Campaign of the Month.


Fair Funerals winding down

Fair Funerals ceased its active campaign and lobbying work on the 27th July 2018. Quaker Social Action's funeral poverty work will continue in our Down to Earth project, which helps people who otherwise wouldn't be able to find affordable and meaningful funerals. If you have any media enquiries which relate to national news only due to QSA's limited capacity in taking on funeral poverty issues, please email fairfunerals@qsa.org.uk