The Fair Funerals Pledge 2021 and the CMA Order

June 2021 saw the publication of the Competition and Markets Authority’s Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021 (‘CMA Order’). 

Whilst we are pleased to see the Order will enforce some form of price transparency and standardized pricing, we believe that funeral directors can do more to provide complete pricing information to their potential clients.

The Fair Funerals pledge is continuing in its present form and welcomes funeral directors to take an extra step to price transparency when making website changes for the CMA Order. By extending the display of third party fees to include the purchase of the exclusive right of burial in a grave; doctor’s fees for completion of cremation papers; and officiant’s fees, funeral directors demonstrate a complete and inclusive service to their potential clients.

We warmly invite funeral directors, who have not signed the Fair Funerals pledge 2021 to date, to apply to sign now and demonstrate their total commitment to price transparency.

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