£500 to bereaved parents in Wales

From Thursday 1st April 2021, the Welsh Government will contribute £500 towards funeral costs for children under the age of 18.

Government minister Julie James has announced the contribution as part of a wider package for families who have lost a child. The payment will be offered by the registrar when the child’s death is registered, and Julie James assures that the process will be "as seamless as possible for families".

This news comes several years after Carolyn Harris MP led a campaign supported by a group of organisations including Quaker Social Action to eliminate cremation and burial charges for children’s funerals. The campaign was successful, and in 2017, the Welsh Government scrapped those fees, followed by the introduction of the Children’s Funeral Fund for England in July 2019.

Although the Children’s Funeral Fund for England includes up to £300 towards a coffin, shroud or casket, Wales did not offer this. The introduction of this payment will bring financial relief to many parents and guardians suffering the loss of a child.

You can read the full press release on the Welsh Government website.

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