MPs to debate funeral poverty - make sure they act!

Next Wednesday 14th Sept at 9:30am Parliament will debate funeral poverty.

We need you to contact your MP and let them know you're worried about funeral poverty.

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'A sticking plaster on a broken bone': Government ignore pressure to raise funeral fund

The government have ignored calls from bereaved people, MPs, charities and the funeral industry to raise the funeral fund to cover the cost of a funeral.

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Funeral poverty booms as government funeral fund shrinks

Funeral poverty is rising and the government are spending less than ever to help grieving people who can't afford a funeral.

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Your family photos can help us end funeral poverty!

Every successful campaign needs good photos to illustrate why it matters to people. 

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Large funeral company responds to call for online pricing

One of the largest funeral providers in the UK have

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Government taking action to fix the broken funeral fund

The government have announced plans to make their funeral fund simpler and fairer. The fund is available to some people who would otherwise been unable to afford a funeral.

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Huge upsurge in online price transparency

When we first started campaigning for fairer funerals in 2014, only 10% of funeral directors in the UK had any prices at all on their websites.

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What happens when someone you love dies and you can't afford a funeral?

Student Alex Craven writes about losing his husband Paul, being unable to afford a funeral.

By Alex Craven

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Funeral poverty – what to ask your election candidates!

This is a critical time to persuade the government to take action on funeral poverty.

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Fair Funerals runner up in campaigners award

Each year, the Sheila Mckechnie Foundation celebrates the best campaigns and campaigners. This may be those working locally or nationally, and from individuals and community groups to people working in large organisations. 

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