As of today, the Fair Funerals campaign will no longer be running. We intentionally set up the campaign to run for a fixed term, with a view to achieving as much as we could to address funeral poverty – and to leave a significant legacy.

However, Quaker Social Action along with the Down to Earth team will be continuing to:

  • Assist national journalists and organisations working on funeral poverty with case studies and evidence where possible
  • Run the Fair Funerals Pledge, updating it with new members and highlighting the transparent practise of funeral directors across the UK
  • Support organisations and MPs lobbying the government to improve funding and conditions for those unable to afford rising funeral costs

Fair Funerals’ legacy

For four years the Quaker Social Action campaign has had a huge impact across three key areas - the funeral industry, in government and by generating public awareness:

  • Well over one third of the UK’s funeral industry are now signed up to the Fair Funerals Pledge, confirming that they have their cheapest prices readily available online for their customers
  • We have put funeral poverty into the spotlight, with a constant demand from the public and media to hear from our brave campaign spokespeople who share their deeply personal experiences
  • Along with the support of the Funeral Poverty Alliance, journalists and MPs, we have seen huge government breakthroughs in the last year alone, namely the introduction of a Childs Funeral Fund in England and Wales, and more recently, changes calling a halt to the appalling practises of some councils when handling Public Health Funerals
  • We’ve sown the seeds from some much needed reforms to the Social Fund Funeral Payment – a grant for those struggling with funerals costs, which hasn’t moved for 15 years and pays less than 40% of the most basic funeral cost

In the autumn, we will be releasing a full impact report on the Fair Funerals Campaign with recommendations for next steps towards bringing a halt to funeral poverty.

If you are interested in receiving a copy, please get in touch on

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Where next for the Fair Funerals campaign team

  • Heather Kennedy has moved on to work with the New Economics Foundation, helping with community development while continuing her work in the social housing sector
  • Cara English is now the Policy Engagement Officer at Gendered Intelligence and is in the early stages of launching Open Lavs, a practical, online tool for finding non-binary loos across the UK
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