Only six months after we launched our Fair Funerals pledge, more than 10% of the entire funeral industry has signed up. The Fair Funerals campaign is now asking the rest of the funeral industry to ‘join the ten percent!’

We’ve created an interactive online map so you can check which funerals directors in your area have and haven’t signed up.

See which funeral directors have signed the pledge

Why we launched the pledge

We want to encourage a consumer revolution in the way people shop for funerals, with people feeling able to have frank, open discussion about paying for funerals.

When we’re bereaved, we don’t make savvy consumers and a lack of transparency about price can make a stressful and disorientating time worse. Many people don’t realise there are often huge differences in what funerals directors charge for the same goods and services. Without knowing what their options are, people end up buying funerals they can’t afford and getting into unmanageable debt.

So our pledge asks funeral directors to be open and transparent about what things cost. 

Funeral directors who sign the pledge commit:
1. To recognise that funerals can be expensive and many people struggle with the cost.
2. To help people to find funerals that are within their means. 
3. To be open about their most affordable options, including third party costs

     - in initial conversations

     - within their price lists

     - on their website. 

Breaking taboos

Because of perceived shame and stigma and the desire to give someone a good send off, it can be very difficult talking openly about money when someone dies. Walking into a funeral director and seeing the Fair Funerals pledge gives people permission to raise the question of affordability.

Incredible support from the industry

Getting so many funerals directors signed up so quickly shows the appetite and willingness there is in the industry to support people on low incomes to find a funeral they can afford. We’ve been blown away by how many have responded to the challenge of the pledge. In fact, we reached our annual target within just 24 hours of launching.

Near & Near Undertakers, Grimsby, said:
“It is vital that clients are aware they have a choice and shouldn’t feel bullied into spending money they can’t afford”.
Charlotte Graham & Daughters, Leicestershire, said: 
“You don’t need whistles and bells to make a good funeral. What you need is love and understanding."

Alun Tucker, Executive Chairman of the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), said:

“I am delighted that our members make up such a large number of the total signatories to this pledge. SAIF members are independent funeral directors based in local communities across the UK and as members of SAIF they are committed in our Code of Conduct to being open, honest and fair about funeral costs, so it’s only natural they wanted to back this campaign. This pledge has provided greater recognition to this commitment and I encourage other funeral directors in the industry to sign up.”

Ask your funeral director to join the 10 percent!

We want to make sure that every community in the UK has a ‘Fair Funerals’ funeral director they can turn to when someone close to them dies. If we’re going to do this, we need you help. Who knows what we might be able to achieve in the next six months!

By asking funeral directors in your area to sign, you can make a real difference to people in your area struggling with the cost of a funeral. Funeral directors will always be interested in what people in their communities think – so you’re in a very strong position to influence the way they respond to funeral poverty.

Click here for stories from the pledge in practice.

Take action now

Speak to funeral directors over the phone or in person where possible. We encourage you to be positive and reasonable in your conversations with funeral directors - a strength of the pledge is that our 'ask' to the industry is so reasonable.

Click here for some tips on finding local funeral directors.

We have designed resources below to help you take action. These include information on:
• Why we need to act
• What we can do
• How to take action
• What you need to know
• Guidelines for talking to funeral directors


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