Fair Funerals are proud to announce Groves Family Funeral Directors as our most recent Funeral Director of the Month.


They follow on from Near and Near as torchbearers of online price transparency, helping potential customers know their options and financial obligations when planning for a funeral and in turn reducing funeral poverty.


With funeral costs reaching an all-time average high of almost £4000, it’s more important than ever that people have access to clear and easily-found pricing information when shopping around. When we’re grieving, we don’t make particularly savvy customers, and that’s why it’s so important we’re presented with open prices, without having to jump through difficult hoops.


Claire Groves, co-owner of Weston-super-Mare's Groves Family Funeral Directors, says:

“We want to shake up the funeral industry and help funeral directors to understand how transparency throughout the service they provide can massively benefit those they serve, and in turn their business. A good, dignified and honourable service should not cost the earth. Being an approachable and caring human being does not cost anything.


If we can provide our high level service for these lesser costs, in an area where the crematorium cost is high, other funeral directors across the country should consider giving a little more and taking a little less.”


At a time when 1 in 7 people planning a funeral would struggle with the cost, it seems essential that openness with costs online becomes the norm to avoid more difficult situations down the line.

Carl English, Fair Funerals campaigns officer, says:

“Claire and Nigel Groves are clearly awake to the risks of funeral poverty on business, public trust and emotional well-being, and are taking an active stand against it. Whilst we don’t rate companies at Fair Funerals, we do check whether funeral directors’ websites are doing their best to educate and offer clear and transparent prices to their customers.

Groves Family are taking a lead with this, giving their customers many clearly-costed options. We’re very happy to announce them as our Funeral Director of the Month”.


If you think you're a good candidate for Funeral Director of the Month, or know of a local funeral director who would be, please let us know by emailing: fairfunerals@qsa.org.uk