Local affiliate campaigns

Why become an affiliate campaign?

We believe that local organisations are well placed to tackle funeral poverty. They can support their communities to become more resilient to funeral costs and influence local funeral directors, politicians and service providers to take action. We’re keen to work alongside local organisations to make the Fair Funerals campaign a reality in communities across the UK.

Organisations that sign up as affiliates of the Fair Funerals campaign will have the opportunity to draw on the profile of the national Fair Funerals brand and participate in a network of organisations working together to end funeral poverty.

How do we affiliate?

Affiliation is open to not-for-profit organisations or groups providing you:

  • Operate inside the UK;
  • Sign up to the Fair Funerals statement of belief on funeral poverty and campaign objectives;
  • Sign up to the terms of the affiliate agreement.

Fill out this form to let us know you comply with these requirements, and we’ll send you the affiliate’s logo and everything you need to become an affiliate Fair Funerals campaign.

Local affiliate form

Fair Funerals statement of belief on funeral poverty

We believe that beyond the individual and family, society has a responsibility to ensure everyone has access to a meaningful, affordable funeral. Funeral poverty exists when the costs of a funeral are beyond a person’s ability to pay, leading to difficult choices about the type of funeral and how to pay for it. The impact of funeral poverty can be financial, in the form of a legacy of debt. It can also be emotional in the form of the distress, shame and perceived stigma of not being able to provide a ‘decent send-off’.


Fair Funerals aims

An affiliate campaign will share the aims of the Fair Funerals campaign to:

  • Educate the public on funeral prices and finding an affordable funeral;
  • Encourage the funeral industry to become more affordable and transparent on pricing;
  • Lobby the government to improve their response to, and alleviation of, funeral poverty. 

Terms of the affiliate agreement

  1. Affiliate campaigns are not linked to QSA/Fair Funerals in terms of governance, leadership or finance. The campaign is wholly independent of Fair Funerals/ Quaker Social Action (QSA).
  2. An affiliate campaign will set its own tactics, but these will sit within the Fair Funerals approach – of being independent of private interests, collaborative, positive and focussed on building alliances wherever possible.
  3. National and affiliate Fair Funerals campaigns agree to work together where possible and support mutually beneficial goals.
  4. Affiliate campaign will develop their own visual identity but will use the ‘Affiliated to the Fair Funerals campaign’ logo and follow the supplied branding guidelines.
  5. The Fair Funerals campaign agrees to feature the work of the affiliate campaign on its campaign website.
  6. Fair Funerals/ QSA reserve the right to remove affiliation status from any organisation or group they believe are not furthering to aims of the national campaign.

Joining the Funeral Poverty Alliance

We encourage our affiliate campaigns to sign up to the Funeral Poverty Alliance, a network of voluntary and community organisations which campaign collectively against funeral poverty. When you sign up as an affiliate, you’ll be asked if you want to join the Alliance.