Fair Funerals is pleased to announce that Lincolnshire Co-Op have signed up all of their branches to our enhanced Fair Funerals pledge. By signing the extended pledge, they commit:

  1. To recognise that funerals can be expensive and many people struggle with the cost. 
  2. To help people to find funerals that are within their means.
  3. To be open about their most affordable options, including third party costs: 
    - in initial conversations
    - within their price lists
    ​- on their website. 

The Fair Funerals pledge was launched to help bereaved people on low incomes find a funeral they can afford. When we're grieving, we're vulnerable consumers. There a huge differences in what funeral directors charge for their goods and services. And it can be difficult to get clear, comparable prices.

Most funeral directors don't have any prices on their websites and many don't talk openly about costs. 

So Lincolnshire Co-Op's decision to sign their 18 branches up to the extended pledge will be a big help to bereaved people in the area. Lincolnshire Co-op’s Head of Funeral Services David Dernley said: 

“We’re proud to have signed up to the pledge and do our bit to help tackle the growing issue of funeral poverty. We’re transparent with our pricing and are pleased to offer a simple funeral option. Though this option carries certain restrictions, it facilitates a dignified, respectful and more affordable funeral service, with the same high standards of care we’re known for.

All our funeral directors, arrangers and managers are trained to discuss with clients their ability to meet the financial liabilities associated with the funeral they are arranging and, in cases of hardship, to provide the simple funeral option.”

Heather Kennedy, the Fair Funerals campaigns manager said:

“No one should have to go through the distress of not being able to afford a decent send-off for someone they love. But the fact is, because of the price of funerals and the lack of state support, funeral poverty is inevitable for a lot of people in our society. We launched the pledge to help grieving people find a funeral they can afford.

We’re really pleased by the number of  funeral directors who have risen to the challenge and signed up to the pledge. By signing up to the pledge, funeral directors are committing themselves to providing the information and choices that allow bereaved customers to make empowered decisions.” 

Over a third of the UK funeral industry is now signed up to the pledge. You can check our interactive map to see which funeral directors in your area have signed the pledge.

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A funeral director? Click here to sign the pledge